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What is shoulder pain?

The shoulder is the crucial part of your body that consists of a ball and socket joint and allows for a wide variety of movements. Because the shoulder is made up of a variety of important structures such as bone, cartilage, and tendons, it can easily be affected by multiple disorders. Severe shoulder pain can occur. Shoulder pain usually arises from the shoulder joints or other surrounding ligaments, muscles, or tendons .Pain originating in the joints is usually aggravated by exercise and daily activities. Various conditions and disorders that affect structures in the chest and abdomen, such as Diseases such as gallbladder disease or heart disease can also cause severe shoulder pain. Pain originating from another structure is called pain and is not aggravated by movement of the shoulder joints. Treatment depends on the type of condition or injury you have. At Painex you will get the best treatment from our highly experienced shoulder pain specialist in Pune.

What are common shoulder problems?

Rotator Cuff Tear: The rotator cuff tear is the most common shoulder problem affecting people over the age of 40. The tendons and muscles surrounding the humerus support the rotator cuff in the shoulder joints, and repetitive motion can cause a painful rotator cuff tear.

Shoulder dislocation:

The shoulder joints are the mobile joints in your body and easily accommodate a wide variety of movements and directions. But that agility is also easier for contortions. A full dislocation is common when the shoulder is completely out of the socket.


Another common shoulder problem in adults is impingement. The rotator cuff is the tendon that connects to four muscles in the shoulder and works together to rotate and elevate a shoulder. The anterior scapula of the shoulder is called the acromion, and when the shoulder is elevated and the acromion gets in the way of the rotator cuff, it causes impingement with severe pain.


There are two joints in human shoulders and both are affected by arthritis. The first is the AC joint, which forms where the collarbone attaches to the top of the shoulder bone. The second is the glenohumeral joint, which is located in the humerus and meets the scapula.

Broken Neck Bone:

The collarbone is usually fractured from trauma. from a fall and is common in athletes.

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

There are several conditions and factors that cause shoulder pain in people, the most common cause of which is rotator cuff tendonitis, the condition, which is characterized by swollen tendons in the shoulder. Impingement syndrome is the other common reason patients experience pain. In impingement syndrome, the rotator cuff gets stuck between the acromion and the head of the humerus. In some cases, shoulder pain is the result of injury to other parts of the body, most notably the biceps and neck, and this pain is likely to get worse with regular shoulder movement. If your shoulder pain is interfering with your normal activities and doesn’t improve with simple self-treatment, you should see shoulder pain specialist or surgeon.

How is shoulder pain diagnosed?

Each shoulder problem has its own set of symptoms that can help doctors diagnose the shoulder and decide treatment accordingly. Shoulder Pain Specialist in Pune may also run additional tests to determine the best treatment plan for your shoulder pain. Blood tests are generally not common for most shoulder problems, but sometimes doctors will ask you to have a blood test to rule out the underlying cause of the pain. X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds are some of the common tests done to check the severity of the shoulder problem.

What are the Minimally Invasive Shoulder Pain Treatments in Pune?

Painex Clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments for shoulder pain. These treatments can be used for the management and prevention of shoulder pain. The first step in the treatment of shoulder pain is to diagnose the cause. Painex Clinic performs a thorough physical examination, followed by imaging tests to determine the underlying cause of the pain. Painex Clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments for shoulder pain, such as:

• Injections: Corticosteroid injections are used to reduce inflammation and pain.
• Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections: Platelet-rich plasma injections are used to reduce inflammation and promote healing.
• Electrical Stimulation: Electrical stimulation is used to reduce pain and inflammation.
• Traction: Traction is used to realign the shoulder joint and reduce pain and inflammation.

These treatments can be tailored to the individual patient’s needs to provide the most effective treatment for shoulder pain. In addition, Painex Clinic offers lifestyle advice, such as posture correction, ergonomic changes, and lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of shoulder pain. Painex Clinic also provides advice on ergonomics and lifestyle modifications to help reduce the risk of shoulder pain. This includes advice on how to set up a workstation that is comfortable and ergonomic, as well as advice on how to modify activities of daily living to reduce the risk of shoulder pain.

Painex Clinic’s team of experienced Shoulder Pain Specialist in Pune work together to provide comprehensive and effective Minimally Invasive treatments for shoulder pain.


You should see an orthopedic specialist or a shoulder specialist. A shoulder specialist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of shoulder injuries and conditions. Painex Pain Management Clinic in Pune has a team of qualified and experienced shoulder specialists in Pune who can help you manage your shoulder pain.

At Painex Pain Management Clinic, we offer several treatments for shoulder pain relief including physical therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), Botox therapy, medication management, and nerve blocks. Depending on the cause of your shoulder pain, our team of pain experts will work to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms.

The most common cause of shoulder pain is usually due to overuse or injury to the rotator cuff, the group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint. Other common causes include bursitis, tendinitis, shoulder instability, and shoulder impingement.

It depends on the severity of your shoulder pain and how long it has been going on. If the pain is mild and has only been going on for a few days, it may be best to try some home remedies first. However, if the pain is severe or has been going on for more than a few days, it may be best to seek medical advice from a shoulder pain specialist.

Yes, in many cases, shoulder pain can be treated without surgery. Non-surgical treatment options for shoulder pain may include rest, ice and heat therapy, physical therapy, medications, cortisone injections, and other treatments. Painex Pain Management Clinic provides the best non-surgical treatments for shoulder pain.

Common causes of shoulder pain include rotator cuff tears, rotator cuff tendinitis, bursitis, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), shoulder impingement syndrome, shoulder joint instability or dislocation, labral tears, shoulder fractures, and arthritis.

If shoulder pain is left untreated, it can lead to further damage to the shoulder joint, muscles, and tendons. It can also cause a decrease in range of motion, which can lead to further pain and difficulty with everyday activities.

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