What Is Tennis Elbow and Its’s Treatment

What Is Tennis Elbow and Its's Treatment

What is tennis elbow and what is the treatment for it?

Friends, today we will take a brief look at tennis elbow / pain on the outer side of the hand.
Usually, people who move their thumbs too fast, have a lot of pain in the outer corner of their hand. Sometimes this pain seems to come forward (i.e. from the corner of the hand to the claw of the hand) to the full part i.e. (the complete outer part of the hand) the pain increases… when we press the corner of the hand.. the pain increases. This is called “tennis elbow”.

Treatment of tennis elbow is very simple.

Initially, rest ultrasound physiotherapy should be done for a few days. If it does not decrease, then a course of two to three days of some pain killer drugs should be given. If it does not decrease or the pain is temporarily stopped by the pain killer drug, then the pain returns, then PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) is used for the patient. Blood is drawn, processed and injected right into the area..it contains growth factors, it heals the wear and tear. After PRP injection, this pain decreases. This process takes at most half an hour. It is very safe and there is no chance of contamination as it has own blood and usually we don’t use steroids in PRP… Thanks…..